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MESIN LAS welding machines sales service and consultancy in the field of welding, we are experienced in sales and consulting on the welding machine welding, welding machines we Distributor Brand Porto and Miyata, we provide the best products for consumers in the use of DC Inverter Welder mesinlas ranging from the type PD-85, PD-110, PD-160, PD-200, PD 160TIG, PD-200TIG and many other types
With the guarantee of a good after-sales we make sure the product is very good for the welding process.

Compact, Lightweight and Energy Saving
High welding quality, strong welding strength.
Auto protection against over voltage and over current.
Capable to work continuosly
Pls balance Automatic voltage is waving
Very Good arc-starting and arc-force
Resistance to small spatter
Capable to weld cellulose rod
Suitable for all kind of basic welding rod Such as Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Titanium, Nickel, Steel and other alloy materials.

MACHINE LAS.com welding machines sales center online.

Las machines
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Office : Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No. 22 B, East Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021) 861 3346, 8660 4409, 8660 4413
Mobile : 0813 1004 5708, 0852 1037 6568, 0816 1740 8786, 0878 8174 3863, ( 021) 940 48 734
Fax : ( 021) 8618992
E-mail : bumata@ gmail.com
Website : www.mesinlas.com
PIN BLACKBERRY ( BB) : 52421891.

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